Code your Games

Become a Code Warrior! And help your Minions!
Use blocks to build instructions and algorithms.
Your Game characters follow your instructions and accomplish their tasks.
Or it may save their lives when running from the Baddies!

Teaches: Logical thinking and Coding skills

Enliven your Bedtime Stories

Become a part of the Story Telling through Interactive Children's Books.
Script your journey through the world of Fairy Tales.
Save the Damsel in Distress or lead the Pirate to the Treasure!
Give simple instructions to Belle or Prince Charming or Mowgli. They follow your instructions to fulfill their Fairy Tale Destinies.

Build and Program your Robots

Explore the world around you through Robotics and IOT projects.
Build your own Robots and Connected Objects using Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
Configure and Program them using Blockly and build intelligence into them.
From Obstacle Avoidance to Robots who can perform Simple Tasks, explore the growing world of Robotics!

Teaches: Robtics and Coding

Learn your Core Subjects

Learn STEM topics by building and using Simulations.
Use visual programming blocks to observe changes in Physical, Chemical and Biological systems.
Master core Math concepts using guided activities.
Learn History using game based reenactments of important events.
Explore Geography through simulations of natural phenomenon.

Teaches: STEM Topics related to Curriculum